Brooke Merrick

Intuitive Birth Worker

Brooke Merrick’s ambition in birth work is to hold space, consciously empower and support mothers during this sacred transformative process of bringing souls into this world.

Brooke is passionate about women's health and empowerment. Her goal is to create a loving, customized environment for mama and family to experience this labor of love while mindfully embracing and embodying the challenges and rewards of birth in order to create a positive and memorable experience accompanied by the gift of bringing a new soul Earthside!

Brooke believes it takes a village to accomplish all things in life and she dedicates herself to empowering all involved to usher in the new chapter of life as a team.  She is passionate about offering aid in an inclusive, nonjudgmental, open-minded and individualized environment for the birthing person and their support team with physical and emotional comfort measures, pain coping methods, relaxation techniques, understanding of birth physiology, communication with medical staff, and supported involvement of a partner, birth companion, etc. The confidence gained in a positive, supported birth experience helps parents trust in themselves and grow in confidence as they move into life with a new baby as a new family unit.

Brooke was born and raised in the Portland Metro Area with a soulful connection to nature.  When she is not in a birth room, you’ll likely find her in her backpacking and trail jogging, hugging trees in the woods alone, or on photography adventures with her partner Justin.  She finds that she is energized, inspired and fulfilled when she is convening in nature and/or behind a lens. Because Brooke is motivated and driven to do the things she loves as much as possible she spends a lot of my time creating or in creative environments. She loves live music, painting and crafting, cooking, LAUGHING and being silly with her divine tribe of amazing women, and daydreaming! OH! And she loves being a cat mom to her socially awkward kitty Melvin. 


  • DONA Approved Birth Doula Training through Mother Tree Birth Services

  • Intensive 6-Month Birth Doula Internship with Mother Tree Birth Services

  • 85 Hour Khalsa Way Prenatal Yoga Certification

  • Portland School of Intuitive Living - Clairvoyant-Intuitive Healing Program

  • Portland School of Intuitive Living - Women's Intuition Program

  • Volunteer Doula with Gateway Doula Project

  • Trauma Informed Care for Birth Professionals through Mother Tree International

  • American Red Cross CPR and AED for Adult, Child & Infant

  • Collaborative Practice - Advanced Doula Training (MotherTree

  • Association of Placenta Preparation Arts -  Bloodborne Pathogens Training for Professional Placenta Service Providers

  • Association of Placenta Preparation Arts Certification Training Program Student